Our Facilities


Our library is a storehouse of knowledge with a wide variety of books covering all the subjects. Students have an easy access to the library during school hours and enough opportunity to make use of the reference materials, previous years question papers etc. Cultivating reading habits among the students is the motto of the library which has a collection of more than four thousand books. Students are guided by the teachers in selecting the right reading materials. Books are issued at regular intervals with definite rules governing the issue and return of books.


Auditorium serves as the cultural center for performance arts and a host for numerous campus entertainment activities. It also provides a suitable venue for seminars and talks aimed at value addition to the educational process of students.

Mathematics Lab

Interesting age-appropriate activities that develop problem solving and mathematical skills help children to comprehend the concepts better and sharpen their alertness. The concepts dealt with in the classrooms are experimentally verified in the Mathematics Lab.


Workshops are frequently conducted by eminent personalities in education, self development & other related areas.


Committees such as those on examination, discipline and culture work towards efficient academic administration.

Computer Laboratories

The School has well-equipped modern computer lab with state-of-the-art machines, latest software, provides a special curriculum for computer education combining computer technology with academic content. Students are taught a variety of software and basic programming skills. This complete graded computer programme equips outgoing students with a thorough knowledge of computing skills.

Science Laboratories

Well-equipped labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology enable the learning mind inquest the scientific facts and do the experiments. Three science labs help students in their experiments and in the study of modern science. These labs offer the opportunity for students to work, while enjoying a truly unique environment.

Health And Wellness Center

The Centre focuses on the overall wellbeing comprising emotional, social, physical and mental health of the child. It would act as an enabling and organizational point for conducting activities related to various dimensions of health and wellness.

The House System

In order to develop a healthy competitive spirit and a sense of social awareness the pupils are grouped in to four Houses, named based on precious stones- Syamanthak, Kousthubh, Chinthamany & Paras. House activates are numerous: Pookalam during Onam festival. Annual sports, daily assemblies, debating and quiz competition etc.  The House advisor will guide & help the house in preparing for various Inter – House competitions.

Club Activities

The school provides different kinds of activities through various clubs. Dance, music, drawing, painting, Quiz, elocution.etc promoted through literary & Arts club. Science and maths club disclose the constructive and intensive talents. Nature club help to understand our surroundings which are enriched with various trees, herbs, shrubs and medicinal plants and fruitful trees. Road safety and health clubs make students aware and practice healthy habits in foods, hand washing and personal hygiene. Road safety rules are also taught to reduce accidents.  Heritage clubs help them to learn various heritages giving stress to our own. Besides the campus awareness experts’ personalities from all walks of life are invited for sharing the experiences.

Audio Visual Theatre

The school is equipped with the latest audio-visual theatre, used by teachers to show videos and slides enable the students to have a better understanding of the abstract concepts.

About us

Our value based school nurtures curiosity and creativity through inspiring,broad and engaging curriculum,where learning is at the heart of all that we do.

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Advisory Committee

1. Dr.P.C.Wilson M.Sc., Ph.D
2. Prof.K.Santhakumari M.A, B.Ed
3. Dr.M.Viswanatha M.Sc,M.Phil,Ph.D